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Jen Krimm

International Affairs

Jen Krimm's Bio:

Jen Krimm has over a decade of political and international development experience. She previously worked in senior-level political, policy, and communications positions in the US Congress and in American domestic politics/campaigns. From 2017-2020 she was an international consultant in democracy, governance, and P/CVE. Clients included various organizations, including long-term consultancies with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Democracy International (DI). In addition to Washington, DC, Krimm has worked in a number of countries--Yemen, Liberia, South Sudan, Nepal, Kosovo, Albania, etc.--and has lived in Yemen, South Sudan, Tunisia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan. She has a bachelor's degree in Government with a concentration in International Relations from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, US, and she has a master's degree in Terrorism and Political Violence from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK. ​

Jen Krimm's Education:

  • University of St Andrews

    Master's in Terrorism and Political Violence
  • Dartmouth College

    Bachelor of Arts in Government
    Concentration: Concentration in International Relations
    Activities: Formal Arabic Study

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